Witness Box

Witness Box is a movie starring Wale Ojo, Keira Hewatch, and Sola Sobowale. The movie 'Witness Box', a Family Drama is written along the lines of movies like Adrian Lynn's "Unfaithful" and Tyler Perry's "Why did I get married?". It...

Running Time
1 hours 52 minutes
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Family, Drama
Stanley Obi
Keira Hewatch, Wale Ojo, Sola Sobowale
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The movie 'Witness Box', a Family Drama is written along the lines of movies like Adrian Lynn's "Unfaithful" and Tyler Perry's "Why did I get married?". It is a suspense filled and dramatic narrative of the divorce proceeding of an alleged online infidelity case which takes a dramatic twist as the identity of the lover is revealed. Secrets and conspiracies are unfolded; Love and Trust are put on trial and one is in quandary to which wins? Love or trust? "Witness Box" projects the impact of the patriarchal nature of the traditional Nigerian society, which enables men to dominate women invariably causing emotional frictions that negatively affect the family unit. It depicts the emotional trauma women face in sacrificing their dreams and aspirations for their families. In this story, a young selfless woman Bolanle gives up her better paying career to become a stay-at-home wife on the counsel of her husband, Ben whose clandestine reasons are deeply rooted in his insecurities. She must defend herself when her inattentive husband accuses her of infidelity and files for divorce. The film boasts of an array of award winning cast who are a delight to watch within the Nigerian and International community. They include: Wale Ojo (Ben Arinze), Keira Hewatch (Bolanle Arinze), Sola Sobowale (Ben's Mother), Soni and Bettey Irabor (Mediator & Counsellor). The film set is in Lagos, Nigeria.

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I liked the movie. It's my first Sola Sobowale movie and I will be looking for more of him.

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Jason Grant

One of the best movies ever with a great mind blowing plot behind it!

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Nicholas E.

I saw today, and I must say: the BEST film of the year so far. Sola Sobowale is at his best!

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Phillip Schneider

Really good Drama movie! Great story, very entertaining. Just watch it. Cheers!

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Excellent! Stanley Obi does it again!!!!! BRAVO! Go see this film, whatever you do, this is the one to see this year!

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Grace Holland

Perfect...Just Perfect. Do yourselves a favor and watch it!

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great from start to finish

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Pleasantly surprised. I really liked it.

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Patricia Ramirez

There is no denying that this is a very good movie. The acting is great and it tells a good story.

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