Tesco Approved

VIVA visited a British pig farm where pigs live in horrific conditions. Britain's largest supermarket, Tesco, refuses to dump them as a supplier, and claims that the animals are "treated well". Watch the video and find out if the pigs look "well treated" to you. This footage has been filmed as a part of a campaign to have Hogwood "Horror" Farm closed permanently.

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1 minutes
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Documentary, Short
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Comments about documentary «Tesco Approved» (19)

Tiffany B. avatar
Tiffany B.

This was just what I needed to finish out the day. Funny, scary, and somehow a feel-good movie. Take the time to watch this, especially if you have had a bad day.

Barbara C. avatar
Barbara C.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves watching Short, yes we are far from the reality, but when you are in there watching this, you become a part of the movie and it becomes the reality

Albert G. avatar
Albert G.

Highly enjoyed this movie! Would recommend to everyone.

Bobby avatar

I have watch every Documentary movie this last 35 years and I can assure you this one is the best I ever seen. That’s just perfect. Everything is perfect OST, Camera, script, acting, ideas ALL GOOD!

Terry avatar

There are so many things I'd like to say about this film - I could write a dissertation!

Olivia Johnston avatar
Olivia Johnston

Now That's what you call Short

Adam avatar

So good. The film was easy to follow.

Theresa G. avatar
Theresa G.

Excellent! just what I needed after a long day. I would love to see more movies like this one!

Kelly Ford avatar
Kelly Ford

So, what makes this film different? It's smart, focused, and suspenseful.