Place Where Rocks Abound

Place Where Rocks Abound is a movie starring Diego Vasquez, Miguelina Gonzalez, and Guillermo Ulerio Gonzalez. On an Island where there's no DNA testing, no fingerprints taken and no do you go about catching a cold hearted...

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Gamal Batista
Gamal Batista
Diego Vasquez, Guillermo Ulerio Gonzalez, Miguelina Gonzalez, Edgar Mata Hiciano
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Comments about thriller «Place Where Rocks Abound» (16)

Carol B. avatar
Carol B.

On an Island where there's no DNA testing, no fingerprints taken and no do you go about catching a cold hearted child rapist and killer in the forested Dominican Republic?

Katherine Newman avatar
Katherine Newman

So good. The film was easy to follow.

Johnny Evans avatar
Johnny Evans

One of the best movies I have ever seen. Written well, directed well and told well. Thank you for sharing this with the world.

Ruth W. avatar
Ruth W.

My life is forever changed due to this movie.

Laura avatar

I liked the movie. It's my first Miguelina Gonzalez movie and I will be looking for more of him.

William avatar

Great movie. Kept my attention all the way through it.

Stephanie Webb avatar
Stephanie Webb

OH MY GOD. I loved this movie. I've never liked the show, but I LOVE this movie. The actors (mainly Diego Vasquez and Guillermo Ulerio Gonzalez) are attractive, but they are also good actors, good for the roles they play. The plot is good, and it's interesting. it's amazing!

Adam avatar

This is the best looking version of the theatrical release. You also get the standard blu-ray with 3 different versions of the film. You can’t go wrong with this package in my opinion.

Jennifer W. avatar
Jennifer W.

Another enjoyable Thriller movie that didn't get it's just credit in theaters. I like it very much.

Jose W. avatar
Jose W.

This movie was delightful, actually. Never been a big Diego Vasquez fan, but he was outstanding here.

Brittany avatar

This movie is wonderful. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Ann avatar

This is one rocking movie and Guillermo Ulerio Gonzalez once again proves why he's the best man for the job.