People of Honor: Wwii

Former Army-Chief-of-Staff General Edward Meyer has noted that 'An army does not fight a war, a nation does'. PEOPLE OF HONOR underscores that point with intertwining recollections of World War II experiences on both the home front and the war front. The documentary shows how mutual support was played a significant role toward victory. People of Honor is based upon 104 in-depth interviews taken over a ten year period of people living in a small county of northern Pennsylvania. Civilians told of their work in factories, buying bonds, gathering scrap metal, rationing, and the many other sacrifices of civilians. Soldiers expressed their experiences and deep feelings fighting on the war front --- watching frinds killed in action, surviving POW camps, living through the Bataan Death March. and so forth. They also tell of the emotions of finally coming home. Mothers and children of fallen soldiers reveal their experiences and manner of dealing with tragedy.

Running Time
1 hours 27 minutes
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Documentary, War, History
Gale Largey
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Comments about documentary «People of Honor: Wwii» (22)

Samuel G. avatar
Samuel G.

One of my top 5 movies of all time. Loved it.

Alice Hamilton avatar
Alice Hamilton

Wow, amazing camera work, acting, directing, writing, and an overall great film.

Larry R. avatar
Larry R.

This was a really great film. I was hesitant to see it because the leading role but I am glad I did.

Eric avatar

This is Spell-Binding! A Marvelous Documentary Flick, that is solidly backed with a fantastic script, proficient direction & note-worthy performances. A Big Winner!

Scott Bowman avatar
Scott Bowman

My life is forever changed due to this movie.

Carol Obrien avatar
Carol Obrien

I thought something before watch movie, later face is glowing and inside so much what a crazy story man!

Sarah avatar

Somewhat predictable, but great entertainment nonetheless.

Laura P. avatar
Laura P.

I was very pleasantly surprised. I loved the film.

Amy Knight avatar
Amy Knight

Husband really enjoyed this. Great movie night.