Breath of Death

Breath of Death

Breath of Death is a TV movie starring John Jagler, Jonathan MacMartin, and Max Panfil. So there this one guy max he is the living breath of death. Not just death, but his breath.

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Max Panfil
Drew Scheid, Jonathan MacMartin, John Jagler, Max Panfil
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Comments about horror «Breath of Death» (15)

Judith D. avatar
Judith D.

So there this one guy max he is the living breath of death. Not just death, but his breath.

Philip E. avatar
Philip E.

We went to see the new John Jagler movie. And it was Adorable! I really think he is such a nice man. He has fame, fortune, and looks, but he didn't let it turn him into a jerk.

Ralph Wilson avatar
Ralph Wilson

I really enjoyed this movie. Max Panfil was good, Jonathan MacMartin was great.

Ruth A. avatar
Ruth A.

Drew Scheid is excellent in the role, it is his best role in years! I like this movie so much and I would not even think to put a spoiler in my review but encourage everyone to see this on the big screen!!!!

Stephen C. avatar
Stephen C.

Great story, exciting to watch!

Sharon H. avatar
Sharon H.

This movie is actually pretty darn great. Max Panfil made a really good movie.

Robert M. avatar
Robert M.

Loved IT! Drew Scheid is so SEXY!!!!!

Rose H. avatar
Rose H.

i enjoyed the whole movie.

Doris Salazar avatar
Doris Salazar

A wonder to behold and worth waiting every second... Breathtaking....... all that I could have wanted and more! Max Panfil is outstanding, and Jonathan MacMartin a very respectable and stunning protagonist!

Edward avatar

Every genre has the potential to be 'done well'... and this film meets those expectations.

Jack D. avatar
Jack D.

My personal pick for best picture of the year.

Roger avatar

good movie. surprised but good acting and good Horror.