Heart of the Beast

Heart of the Beast

Heart of the Beast is a movie starring Michelle Vezilj, Chase Bolnick, and Gene Connelly. It's a funny thing facing your fears. For the friends and family of Peter Mills, overcoming your childhood fears is just another part of...

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Ray Davis
Isaac Ruth, Ray Davis
Sarah Dewey, Gene Connelly, Chase Bolnick, Michelle Vezilj
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Comments about comedy «Heart of the Beast» (23)

Stephanie avatar

It's a funny thing facing your fears. For the friends and family of Peter Mills, overcoming your childhood fears is just another part of growing up. But for Peter, it means facing a monster that's always lived under his bed.

Rebecca G. avatar
Rebecca G.

Excellent story, actors, acting, action etc. make this a must see movie in my opinion. Sarah Dewey, Michelle Vezilj and other, all deliver the goods as you would expect. it's a REAL movie!

Deborah Bennett avatar
Deborah Bennett

Awesome movie! Awesome actors! Awesome plot! Awesome all the way around! Great film!

Grace Williamson avatar
Grace Williamson

This movie is actually pretty darn great. Ray Davis made a really good movie.

Cynthia T. avatar
Cynthia T.

Flawless, perfect or anything else that tells this is a freakin good movie!

Lauren M. avatar
Lauren M.

It's amongst the finest films ever made! Two Big Thumbs Up!

Joyce P. avatar
Joyce P.

This movie rocked the house! Sarah Dewey was excellent in this because of his huge amount of likability and charms, but was frightened and tense when he needed to be. But Michelle Vezilj is definitely the best performance of the movie!

Julie T. avatar
Julie T.

A truly gripping film from beginning to end. Gene Connelly plays one of his most engaging and emotional roles to date, and the rest of the cast perform beautifully. Highly recommended!

Carolyn Hanson avatar
Carolyn Hanson

Great movie! My heart was racing the whole movie! Good actors!

Gloria R. avatar
Gloria R.

It's Sarah Dewey cool aplomb as he moves through each scene with ease and a little smirk that makes this movie non-stop hysterical. And Michelle Vezilj was so cool! I can watch this movie a million times and still find it highly entertaining.

Ryan Cunningham avatar
Ryan Cunningham

I can say, that it was the best movie I have ever seen. Once the movie began I didn't want the end.

Juan avatar

I had no idea how amazed and touched I would be by seeing this movie. The acting, the cinematography, the settings and the plot are just mind blowing.