Deadly Paranormal Encounters with the After Life

Deadly Paranormal Encounters with the After Life

Paranormal Activity isn't limited to graveyards, abandoned prisons and sanitariums. Hotels, Inns and Restaurants around the globe abound with Ghostly Activity and terrifying occurrences. Horrifying murders and betrayals have taken place on the grounds of these places, with many of the deceased unwilling to move on to the afterlife, so they continue to walk the halls and rooms, even the kitchens and shops to this very day. Experience an array of terrifying paranormal phenomena in the strangest places, prepare to be shocked by stories that will curl your toes and chill your bones. Paranormal Hauntings: Beyond the Grave: From grisly unjust deaths to suicides, the echoes from the past haunt us to this day. Featured among many encounters is the Screaming Tunnel, immortalized in David Cronenberg's classic film "The Dead Zone," a terrifying location where paranormal experts test their courage seeking the ghost of an innocent little girl who was brutally murdered. Paranormal Portals: Haunted Hotels, Inns and Grills: While many hotels and lodges may have fine hospitality and luxurious rooms, some are also home to angry ghosts, poltergeists, residual hauntings and more, causing sleepless nights and terrifying experiences for the patrons. Experience haunted mansions, graveyards and prisons; and hear accounts of satanic possession, clairvoyance and countless incidents.

Running Time
2 hours 40 minutes
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Comments about documentary «Deadly Paranormal Encounters with the After Life» (22)

Adam D. avatar
Adam D.

Simply stunning. A great addition to my collection.

Vincent H. avatar
Vincent H.

Very moving, very touching. For that alone, it deserves unalloyed plaudits.

Christopher D. avatar
Christopher D.

Great movie, would watch again if I have the time.

Donna Schultz avatar
Donna Schultz

Well done and played. Not many movies are done this well.

Madison McDonald avatar
Madison McDonald

Wow, amazing camera work, acting, directing, writing, and an overall great film.

Lauren avatar

Great all the way through

Roy Phillips avatar
Roy Phillips

i enjoyed the whole movie.

James Reyes avatar
James Reyes

had no idea what to expect but i loved it.

Joe avatar

I have to say it is the best movie ever. The directors made no mistakes. It is just perfect!

Gloria A. avatar
Gloria A.

I enjoyed it and it's a movie I'd watch again in the future.