Glasnije od oruzja, Louder then guns

Glasnije od oruzja, Louder then guns
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Miroslav Sikavica
Miroslav Sikavica
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Comments about documentary «Glasnije od oruzja, Louder then guns» (19)

Joshua Jimenez avatar
Joshua Jimenez

A little long but great story and visuals

Russell avatar

I loved this movie, it has good action, has a story and a meaning.

Michael S. avatar
Michael S.

Here it is, the masterpiece we've been waiting for!

Ralph S. avatar
Ralph S.

I want to point out that the movie might have been long but I enjoyed every second of the movie and it was not a drag at all. There is no other way that would have made a perfect movie like this better.

Anthony A. avatar
Anthony A.

Pleasantly surprised. I really liked it.

Megan avatar

It was AWESOME!!!! This movie moves at an almost breathtaking pace, with enough action to satisfy all. The passion of the characters was captured magnificently by the cast.

Austin avatar

It is not an "entertaining" movie. It is a creation of a Masterpiece.

Martha C. avatar
Martha C.

This is a movie with a simple and straightforward plot which contains layers and layers of intelligent writing. This is a brilliant movie. Watch it.

Brandon H. avatar
Brandon H.

Such an amazing Documentary movie!

Russell S. avatar
Russell S.

I enjoyed this movie. So did my husband, cause he didnt fell asleep through the movie

Lawrence avatar

Just a joy from start to finish. Smart, sweet, engaging.

Ryan L. avatar
Ryan L.

I have become a huge fan of this movie and applaud Miroslav Sikavica for making it.