The Round Robin Movie

The Round Robin Movie
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Kevin Wendell Jones
Kevin Wendell Jones
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Comments about - imdb «The Round Robin Movie» (19)

Jack Bates avatar
Jack Bates

It's a blast! Magnificent! I generally adored this movie! It is awesome.

Teresa Mitchell avatar
Teresa Mitchell

This movie has a special place in my heart possibly because I've done the work that Kevin Wendell Jones has done before! Great choice of actors as well!

Martha W. avatar
Martha W.

Great actors, good story, nice score. Made for a nice evening.

Sean Willis avatar
Sean Willis

I enjoyed this movie. So did my husband, cause he didnt fell asleep through the movie

Christian avatar

Well done and played. Not many movies are done this well.

Amy Jacobs avatar
Amy Jacobs

Words cannot describe the perfection that is this film. Kevin Wendell Jones did a fantastic job! Solid cast, action, effects, everything.

Cynthia avatar

Loved the movie. Definitely worth watching especially if you like - IMDb

Susan avatar

This film gave me everything I love in movie, a powerful story and more than enough edge-of-your-seat action sequences.

Marilyn Watkins avatar
Marilyn Watkins

Thank you Kevin Wendell Jones for this great story! The plot is good enough to entertain people who take it as it is given, and there is an enormous amount of room for interpretation for the people who love to analyze things to find a deeper meaning. It is easily my favorite movie.

Jeffrey P. avatar
Jeffrey P.

The story is fascinating; the acting was excellent & the cinematography was incredible. recommended!

Jesse G. avatar
Jesse G.

The reason I feel that this movie is such a TRIUMPH is the same reason I feel I lead a fulfilling life. I strive to live in the view my journey in life as exactly that: a journey.

Charles avatar

I just finished the movie today and I must say that this is by far one of the most artistic and beautiful movies I have seen in years!