Hindsight is a movie starring Scott Michael Dunn, Tim Hedrick, and Ford Fanter. Adolf Hitler, in the present day, struggles to convince others that The Third Reich is dead.

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Pierre Jahn
Pierre Jahn
Ford Fanter, Joe Hammerstone, Tim Hedrick, Scott Michael Dunn
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Comments about drama «Hindsight» (15)

Christopher K. avatar
Christopher K.

Adolf Hitler, in the present day, struggles to convince others that The Third Reich is dead.

Rose Gardner avatar
Rose Gardner

I can't even begin to describe how cool this movie is! Tim Hedrick, especially, was excellent! Breathtaking!!!! Scott Michael Dunn was AWESOME...that man can play ANY role!!

Janet O. avatar
Janet O.

i loved this movie. i saw previews for it months ago and totally forgot about it. im so happy it showed up tonight

Michelle Castro avatar
Michelle Castro

Stunning film that I could discuss endlessly. The cast was uniformly excellent! Tim Hedrick really impressed me. Special mention to my favorite Scott Michael Dunn. This performances never disappoint, charm is unmatched and a beauty more intense than the sun itself.

Ruth avatar

Pierre Jahn did an excellent job. I would recommend this movie without reservation.

Jesse R. avatar
Jesse R.

I really enjoyed this movie. This movie is worth watching.

Martha avatar

The movie of course belongs to Tim Hedrick and Scott Michael Dunn, both fine accomplished actors who deliver all that is expected and more. Credit is also due to the script - simple, elegant, yet intelligent to make the audience focus.

Randy avatar

My daughter requested this blu-ray as a gift. If you are a Pierre Jahn fan, you will like this movie.

Scott Walker avatar
Scott Walker

What a brilliant film! Acting wise, Tim Hedrick puts in an excellent performance as the lead, and supporting actors such as Scott Michael Dunn, also put in solid performances.

Rachel S. avatar
Rachel S.

This movie really exceeded my expectations. Pierre Jahn is very talented.

Aaron Reyes avatar
Aaron Reyes

When you are using real actors and not "reheated" stars alongside silly semi-amateurs, plus a script that does not self plagiarize, any movie can only be good and very good!

John M. avatar
John M.

Fantastic movie, my wife and I loved it.