Deux Femmes: for Man Ray

Deux Femmes: for Man Ray

Deux femmes (for Man Ray) creates a dialogue with Man Ray's porno footage that was found in his atelier after his death in a canister titled "Deux Femmes", shot in 1937. Man Ray's preoccupation with the female body as sculpture and the imminence of amateur pornography today, were what necessitated a dialogue to me. Adhering to his particular compositions and actions within them, I collected matching shots from online amateur pornos. Then I printed the frames, and presented them in the video as a paper stack. This unhurried process of paper stacking slows down the otherwise speedy porn media consumption and allows us to examine the female body as sculpture today.

Running Time
1 hours 24 minutes
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Ann Oren
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English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Bryan avatar

A shining neon-glowing - IMDb.

Lauren avatar

I don't know about y'all but I loved it ;)

Maria R. avatar
Maria R.

Well thought out script. Not sure it is a five but better than a four star.

Joshua B. avatar
Joshua B.

I love the movie the story line is great and so is the acting

Olivia Mendez avatar
Olivia Mendez

So, what makes this film different? It's smart, focused, and suspenseful.

Christopher D. avatar
Christopher D.

had no idea what to expect but i loved it.

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Raymond R.

This movie is well worth watching. Don't miss it. It doesn’t have any cursing, and has a Great Story!

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This was a great movie. The storyline was believable and the directing and cast are excellent.

Susan avatar

This movie is full of emotions, ups, downs and will make you leave the cinema feeling a mixture of them. Would recommend for everyone!

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How movies are supposed to end!!

Emily S. avatar
Emily S.

Enjoyable story and well acted

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Albert H.

I want to point out that the movie might have been long but I enjoyed every second of the movie and it was not a drag at all. There is no other way that would have made a perfect movie like this better.