Horacio Quiroga, cuentista

Horacio Quiroga, cuentista

Horacio Quiroga, cuentista is a movie starring Federico Barroso, Federica Pais, and Joaquín Pulpeiro. A journey through the life and work of Latin American writer Horacio Quiroga: his stories, passions and time. Collaboratively...

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Horacio Quiroga, Storyteller
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Irene Blei
Irene Blei, Irene Blei
Federica Pais, Joaquín Pulpeiro, Federico Barroso, Axel Bratosevich
Argentina, Uruguay
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Virginia avatar

A journey through the life and work of Latin American writer Horacio Quiroga: his stories, passions and time. Collaboratively developed by children and adults - parents and teachers included - at 'El Mate' Cinema Workshop, a film school for children in Argentina. The film is a profuse narrative and visual 'collage' that seamlessly brings together fiction, documentary material and animated sequences transiting cities of Uruguay and Argentina.

Gary Stevens avatar
Gary Stevens

I really enjoyed this movie. This movie is worth watching.

Hannah Ryan avatar
Hannah Ryan

This movie has a special place in my heart possibly because I've done the work that Irene Blei has done before! Great choice of actors as well!

Anna H. avatar
Anna H.

This is epic! First of all Federico Barroso. Tone of his voice, the way he using the words and emotions, his facial expressions... He is pure talent and deep experience! Federica Pais Jus GODDESS!

Jason R. avatar
Jason R.

Horacio Quiroga, Storyteller is one of the best! Between the incredible visuals and the intense soundtrack you will almost be wishing this plot was real!

Nicholas Garrett avatar
Nicholas Garrett

Hoo-wee! Where to start! Well written and directed, good actors choice.

Amber H. avatar
Amber H.

The best thing about Irene Blei movies: I know what to expect and I get what I expected. And He DID IT again!

Adam Simpson avatar
Adam Simpson

Visually stunning with excellent acting! Federico Barroso is wonderful portraying her character's reactions with great naturalism.

Jacqueline W. avatar
Jacqueline W.

First off I just want to stress that this is absolutely the kind of film you want to see on the big screen; don't wait for it to come out on DVD! Needless to say, the cast was phenomenal: Federico Barroso, Federica Pais! They are born for these roles

Timothy Castro avatar
Timothy Castro

Joaquín Pulpeiro does an awesome job in this film, along with the others. Give it a watch!!!

Michael Wagner avatar
Michael Wagner

Horacio Quiroga, Storyteller is filled with great performance, humor, action, graphics and brilliant direction. Highly recommended

Kathryn avatar

We really enjoyed this movie! Thought it was very entertaining.