The Red House

The Red House

This beautifully animated documentary voices the tails of The Red House, an extraordinary building, like no other in the Tel Aviv landscape. Today, a moment before the lights are switched on again, following a long, meticulous restoration process; the film journeys through the many stories these walls have witnessed, with love and longing for a building that is coming back to life.

Other Titles
HaBayit HaAdom
Running Time
20 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Documentary, Short
Tamar Tal
Tamar Tal
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Comments about documentary «The Red House» (17)

Tammy avatar

I shall not give away anything, except the fact that it was the best film of my life!

Douglas avatar

Enjoyed it very much. Don't write it off because of the bad reviews. Give it 20-30 minutes and decide for yourself.

Richard avatar

Believe me you will enjoy it! A must watch for Short fans

Crystal Stone avatar
Crystal Stone

Certainly one of the finest movies I have seen for quite some time. Exquisite direction and flawless acting make this a very entertaining and often moving film.

Pamela avatar

HaBayit HaAdom was Totally awesome!!! Best…Movie...Ever! So realistic and so amazing.

Howard avatar

I love the scenery and the story. Perfect movie.

Craig J. avatar
Craig J.

The story is fascinating; the acting was excellent & the cinematography was incredible. recommended!

Steven Myers avatar
Steven Myers

I want to point out that the movie might have been long but I enjoyed every second of the movie and it was not a drag at all. There is no other way that would have made a perfect movie like this better.