The Balfour Declaration with Avi Shlaim

The Balfour Declaration with Avi Shlaim

Avi Shlaim is Emeritus Professor of International Relations at St Antony's College, Oxford. Here he discusses the background and implications of the historic Balfour Declaration of November 1917.

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William Keller avatar
William Keller

I enjoyed it and it's a movie I'd watch again in the future.

Brenda D. avatar
Brenda D.

It's worth watching.

Dylan Bennett avatar
Dylan Bennett

I saw this at the movies and liked it. I like Documentary movies and this is a good one.

Madison avatar

i disliked nothing about this film

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Christopher Pena

There is no denying that this is a very good movie. The acting is great and it tells a good story.

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Brandon R.

Go See this Amazing Movie in all respects! I recommend this film to the highest degree and it’s a must see!

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Emma D.

It was great. Keeps you guessing and wanting to watch more!

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So thankful for this film! I was sitting on the edge of the seat and couldn't look away from the screen

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Great movie see it a while back and just loved it and had to have it on your player to own it

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It was a decent movie. Very entertaining!

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I love love love this keeps you on the edge of your seat must see movie its truly amazing on sooo many levels

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Karen B.

Awesome movie! Awesome actors! Awesome plot! Awesome all the way around! Great film!