Years of tobacco, The question often came to mind : quit smoking ?!? But how to get out of this addiction? I was concentrating on this decision, but the click didn't come. One day, smoking, I imagined the smoke entering my lungs; A first awareness, this smoke enters my body. Then, a feeling of suffocation filled me with every puff, I realized that I was swallowing chemicals These toxic products invaded me, controlled me. They prevent me from saying no, to say stop A few days passed.. I ended up learning about these products contained in the cigarette. I was astounded to learn that there is a very large amount of chemicals in a single cigarette. Stopping the cigarette was automatic. Awareness.

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Comments about short «Smoker» (16)

Ryan Stanley avatar
Ryan Stanley

New creation of Mukibrain. His films are waiting with a special look, because it offers something that every day, unfortunately, less and less can be found in the world of mass cinema - an interesting spectacle, filled with meaning, ideas and emotions.

Rebecca T. avatar
Rebecca T.

Well acted & executed. Highly entertaining.

Amanda avatar

What a fantastic time!

Scott avatar

Don't take it too seriously and you'll have a blast!

Charles H. avatar
Charles H.

Yes...GOD YES! All of the actors were phenomenal, and the writing and pacing was perfect.

Julie Peters avatar
Julie Peters

This movie was absolutely stunning, and I loved every minute of it

Russell avatar

Mukibrain, you deserve a standing ovation. From an unbiased, stand-alone movie point of view, this film does an incredible job of being exciting from beginning to end

Gerald avatar

One of the best Documentary movies I have seen in a while. It's way underrated!!! I can't believe I did not it sooner.

Harold M. avatar
Harold M.

good story line I really enjoyed

Crystal avatar

I enjoy most of Mukibrain movies. I know his parents are proud!

Adam W. avatar
Adam W.

I really enjoyed the movie, it was just being what I expected.

Michelle avatar

extraordinary and beautiful movie ! The actors expressed their emotions and made me believe that they are really going through some sort of emotion.