A Vida Invisível

A Vida Invisível

A Vida Invisível is a movie starring Julia Stockler, Carol Duarte, and Flávia Gusmão. Two sisters born in Rio de Janeiro make their way through life, each mistakenly believing the other is living out her dreams half a world away.

Other Titles
La vie invisible d'Eurídice Gusmão, Niewidoczne życie sióstr Gusmao, The Invisible Life of Eurídice Gusmão, 見えざる人生, The Invisible Life of Euridice Gusmao, Die Sehnsucht der Schwestern Gusmão, Görünmez Yaşam, La vida invisible de Eurídice Gusmão, Invisible Life, La vita invisibile di Euridice Gusmao, La vita invisibile di Eurídice Gusmão, A Vida Invisível de Eurídice Gusmão, La vie invisible d'Euridice Gusmao
Running Time
2 hours 19 minutes
480p, 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K
Karim Aïnouz
Martha Batalha, Murilo Hauser, Inés Bortagaray, Karim Aïnouz
António Fonseca, Flávia Gusmão, Carol Duarte, Julia Stockler
Brazil, Germany
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Comments about drama «A Vida Invisível» (1853)

Bobby avatar

Eurídice and Guida are two inseparable sisters living at home with their conservative parents in 1950's Rio de Janeiro. Although immersed in a traditional life, each one nourishes a dream: Eurídice of becoming a renowned pianist, Guida of finding true love. In a dramatic turn, they are separated by their father and forced to live apart. They take control of their separate destinies, while never giving up hope of finding each other.

Gregory C. avatar
Gregory C.

"見えざる人生" is such a beautiful movie. So glad I decided to watch this!

Lawrence Lucas avatar
Lawrence Lucas

Niewidoczne życie sióstr Gusmao is one of those films that would stuck in your head in a long time because it's plain brilliant.

David B. avatar
David B.

This is a very cute movie. Flávia Gusmão is at his best and complements Julia Stockler perfectly. This is a must see!!!

Joshua avatar

António Fonseca doesn't do bad movies. Always fun to watch

Nathan Watkins avatar
Nathan Watkins

I think "Niewidoczne życie sióstr Gusmao" is an excellent, if not close to perfect.

Kimberly avatar

GO AND SEE IT!!! This is AMAZING!!! Flávia Gusmão solidifies himself as a good, respectable movie star, but Julia Stockler CRUSHES his role, and steals every scene he's in.

Paul J. avatar
Paul J.

From start to finish La vita invisibile di Eurídice Gusmão is a roller coaster ride of beautiful action

Emma V. avatar
Emma V.

Love the movie. Worth the time to watch.

Emily M. avatar
Emily M.

Karim Aïnouz never ceases to amaze. He'll make a huge hit movie and make it a smash hit.

Anthony avatar

I really enjoyed this movie with Flávia Gusmão. An excellent actor in my opinion.

Susan G. avatar
Susan G.

Some may say this is a usual Karim Aïnouz movie. NOO! This movie was amazing to watch.