Canada's New Year's Eve: Countdown to 2018

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Heather Jenken, Kim Kuhn
Rick Mercer
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Comments about music «Canada's New Year's Eve: Countdown to 2018» (18)

Ethan Mendez avatar
Ethan Mendez

Can't wait to see another one.

Matthew Rios avatar
Matthew Rios

This is a great movie! Rick Mercer and the rest of the cast did a great job.

Henry Richards avatar
Henry Richards

We only rented it because we love Rick Mercer. Turns out it was a really good movie.

Eugene avatar

This was special! Director Heather Jenken and his crew have crafted a beautiful looking film.

Katherine S. avatar
Katherine S.

One of the better movies I've seen lately.

Philip R. avatar
Philip R.

I was pleasantly surprised, this actually turned out to be a great movie, action and humor.

Amber Pena avatar
Amber Pena

The character of Rick Mercer is very interesting. I like him so much.

Kenneth Clark avatar
Kenneth Clark

Enjoyed it very much. Don't write it off because of the bad reviews. Give it 20-30 minutes and decide for yourself.

Kathryn R. avatar
Kathryn R.

So, what makes this film different? It's smart, focused, and suspenseful.

Albert avatar

We went to see the new Rick Mercer movie. And it was Adorable! I really think he is such a nice man. He has fame, fortune, and looks, but he didn't let it turn him into a jerk.

Jeffrey T. avatar
Jeffrey T.

Wow, wow, wow very impressive !!!! This is the movie I have been waiting for for a very long time.

Sean J. avatar
Sean J.

I really enjoyed this movie, I would say this is one of Rick Mercer best films.