Troma Tour 5000

Troma Tour 5000

Troma Tour 5000 is a video starring John Patrick Brennan, Travis Campbell, and Dixie Dellamorto. A special edition crossover between Bestow TV's Creative Continuity and Cinema Insomnia with Mr. Lobo, takes the viewer onto a tour of...

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Paul Sanders
Paul Sanders, Mister Lobo
Dylan Greenberg, Travis Campbell, John Patrick Brennan, Dixie Dellamorto
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Virginia avatar

What happens when late night film host Mister Lobo tries to find a film to show in his latest episode for Cinema Insomnia and instead trips over a forgotten tape? You get Troma Tour 5000. A special edition crossover between Bestow TV's Creative Continuity and Cinema Insomnia with Mr. Lobo, that takes the viewer onto a tour of America's oldest Independent studio, Troma Entertainment. Mister Lobo joins Dylan Greenberg as she takes us through the early history of Troma from the early sex comedies, title revisions, acquisitions, tag lines and so much more.

Crystal avatar

Great actors, good story, nice score. Made for a nice evening.

Jennifer avatar

This movie surprised me, it was really good. This is a movie worth watching!

Jeremy B. avatar
Jeremy B.

Travis Campbell is one of those stars that consistently provides a good, entertaining movie.

Lisa avatar

Here's a fine example of a film that may makes up for an exciting watch due to its director Paul Sanders extra-ordinary sense of creating spectacles that feel like breathing artworks.

Christina P. avatar
Christina P.

If you're a Paul Sanders fan, which I am, I think you will appreciate this film.

Donald Guzman avatar
Donald Guzman

After about ten minutes I was completely drawn in, all the way to the end. Very enjoyable!

Julie Edwards avatar
Julie Edwards

Kinetic, thrilling, interesting and funny. Mister Lobo best movie!

Kevin Porter avatar
Kevin Porter

One of the most brilliant movies I have ever seen.

Donna R. avatar
Donna R.

Super cool Documentary, fun time at the flicks!

Joyce K. avatar
Joyce K.

The performance of Travis Campbell was brilliant, this guy continues being an excellent actor and that it continues this way.