We Are Oscar Mike

We Are Oscar Mike

We Are Oscar Mike is a video starring Redmond Ramos, Earl Granville, and Jonathan Lopez. The inspiring story of Oscar Mike founder Noah Currier. After joining the Marine Corps in 2000, Noah was among the first soldiers deployed to...

Running Time
24 minutes
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Short, Documentary
Nick Cavalier
Nick Cavalier
Jonathan Lopez, Earl Granville, Redmond Ramos
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

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Matthew avatar

The inspiring story of Oscar Mike founder Noah Currier. After joining the Marine Corps in 2000, Noah was among the first soldiers deployed to Afghanistan following the attacks of September 11th. As a gunner for Charlie Company, he was subsequently deployed to Iraq in 2003 as part of the leading combat units, the "tip of the spear." He returned to Camp Pendleton after seven months in Iraq-days later, a friend fell asleep at the wheel and Noah suffered a C-6 spinal cord injury. Despite the situation and a deep depression, Noah managed to turn his life around after discovering adaptive sports. He now dedicates himself to keeping veterans Oscar Mike; military radio jargon for "On The Move". Through his clothing line and non-profit foundation Oscar Mike, Noah helps rehabilitate other veterans through the adaptive sports that saved his own life.

Howard Snyder avatar
Howard Snyder

Nick Cavalier, you deserve a standing ovation. From an unbiased, stand-alone movie point of view, this film does an incredible job of being exciting from beginning to end

Jennifer Parker avatar
Jennifer Parker

Redmond Ramos was amazing, of course. Beautiful scenery. I never took my eyes off the screen. Loved it!

Karen G. avatar
Karen G.

Nick Cavalier has crafted a wildly creative, utterly original and bold film!

Margaret M. avatar
Margaret M.

It's Redmond Ramos cool aplomb as he moves through each scene with ease and a little smirk that makes this movie non-stop hysterical. And Jonathan Lopez was so cool! I can watch this movie a million times and still find it highly entertaining.

Amanda Bates avatar
Amanda Bates

Perfect...Just Perfect. Do yourselves a favor and watch it!

Dylan Willis avatar
Dylan Willis

loved most of it predicable but loved it

Sarah B. avatar
Sarah B.

Great movie...telling everyone...

Nicholas Hopkins avatar
Nicholas Hopkins

No idea why this is not rated higher. Visuals are awesome and the storyline has great potential. 

Sara Turner avatar
Sara Turner

OH MY GOD. I loved this movie. I've never liked the show, but I LOVE this movie. The actors (mainly Redmond Ramos and Jonathan Lopez) are attractive, but they are also good actors, good for the roles they play. The plot is good, and it's interesting. it's amazing!