Universally Preferable Behaviour: Debunked - Stefan Molyneux Refuted

Universally Preferable Behaviour: Debunked - Stefan Molyneux Refuted
Running Time
16 minutes
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Documentary, Short
Rationality Rules
Stefan Molyneux, Rationality Rules
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Comments about documentary «Universally Preferable Behaviour: Debunked - Stefan Molyneux Refuted» (21)

Donald S. avatar
Donald S.

Excellent gritty film that concentrates on a few strong performances! Stefan Molyneux!!!! that amazing man deserves to be on the top notch productions and here he is, one brilliant movie after another and on key roles. Rationality Rules is another artist who takes you into the story. WONDERFUL!!

Tiffany D. avatar
Tiffany D.

You know... sometimes when you watch a film... in the first few minutes, it is clear that the film is going to be special.

Henry Alvarado avatar
Henry Alvarado

Such a crazy idea, thought, invention, creativity that blows our mind beyond conscious level.

Nicholas M. avatar
Nicholas M.

a new addition to my personal top 10 list! One of the best movies I've ever seen. It's an extremely complicated movie.

Paul Alvarez avatar
Paul Alvarez

Some of Stefan Molyneux's best work

Rachel avatar

Very early in this film, I formed an interpretation which I believe to be completely correct, and borne out by the plot and details. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey, and was surprised by many aspects of the film along the way.

Andrew J. avatar
Andrew J.

I loved every bit of this movie. I would 100% watch again.

Sandra B. avatar
Sandra B.

Arguably this should not be a difficult film to review. It is nothing less than brilliant. The story, the direction, the musical score, the casting, the acting, the dialog. Brilliant!!! Just brilliant!

Peter F. avatar
Peter F.

You should definitely watch this movie. BTW Rationality Rules leads the film with such a confident performance, matching both the cockiness and naivety of his character to great effect.

Ruth B. avatar
Ruth B.

Very well done. Good casting, photography and plot

Jack S. avatar
Jack S.

WATCH IT.. if you don't.. STILL WATCH IT. GREAT FILM! enjoy, i only wish i could have that first watch again!!!!