The Promise

The Promise is a movie starring Bekenya Jane Augustin, Lidwine Berthil, and Nathanïel Berthil-Duval. Jacques forces to leave his apartment due to the death of his son.

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Edwine Dorival
Edwine Dorival, Mackenson Dorival
Lidwine Berthil, Nathanïel Berthil-Duval, Dieubert Charlestin, Bekenya Jane Augustin
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Comments about drama «The Promise» (19)

Carl avatar

Jacques a family man, leaves in a two bedroom apartment and woks in a studio as a music producer. He makes a promise to his family that he'll be there for them and sets a good example for his unique son Junior. Due to his drugs addiction he cases the death of his son Junior and gets kick out of their apartment by his wife Monique. Jacques overcome the drugs addiction and become a better husband.

Daniel avatar

This is a film that should be seen because it’s a great movie.

Emma avatar

Great plot. Great performance from Nathanïel Berthil-Duval as expected.

Kelly avatar

Wonderful acting, beautiful script. A must see!

Teresa avatar

BETTER than I was expecting! And I love Bekenya Jane Augustin as an actor, he always gives his roles a 100 percent!

Elizabeth Nelson avatar
Elizabeth Nelson

So fun! My entire family has enjoyed this movie several times!

Richard Castro avatar
Richard Castro

Just love Nathanïel Berthil-Duval. He always delivers and makes his movies fun to watch again and again

Adam avatar

Loved IT! Lidwine Berthil is so SEXY!!!!!

Mark G. avatar
Mark G.

good movie. surprised but good acting and good Drama.

Kathleen W. avatar
Kathleen W.

The movie kept me entertained and I was talking about how good it was all the way home from the cinema. Bekenya Jane Augustin had a MUCH bigger part in this movie and was a far more important character. This made it a bit more believable.

Randy avatar

Acting was on point, plot was on point, twist at the end blew me away! Cannot recommend enough! GO SEE THIS FILM!