Thatsmye interviews Kumail Nanjiani at the 2017 San Diego Film Festival.

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Chris Sweda
Kristina Buckner, Kumail Nanjiani
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Comments about news «Thatsmye interviews Kumail Nanjiani at the 2017 San Diego Film Festival.» (14)

Thomas D. avatar
Thomas D.

Really good News movie! Great story, very entertaining. Just watch it. Cheers!

Lori D. avatar
Lori D.

The film is perfect! The story is great. The actors did a great job, especially Kumail Nanjiani.

Jack Porter avatar
Jack Porter

This movie was actually quite good. I will watch it again in the near future to admire all the details.

Roy Ray avatar
Roy Ray

Chris Sweda did great job! This film is a visual spectacle with beautiful wide shots and a great storyline!

Kimberly B. avatar
Kimberly B.

Can't wait to see another one.

Wayne R. avatar
Wayne R.

I have watched this movie 3 times, and each time have liked it more than I did the first time, and even then I still enjoyed it a lot!

Jordan C. avatar
Jordan C.

Brilliant underrated News film!

Karen Romero avatar
Karen Romero

Great movie with great actors.

Beverly Ward avatar
Beverly Ward

It was a great movie.really jaw dropping.

Harold avatar

This is a very cute movie. Kristina Buckner is at his best and complements Kumail Nanjiani perfectly. This is a must see!!!

Jerry avatar

Drop everything and go see it right now. If already seen, see it again!!!