The Book of Nightmares

The Book of Nightmares

The Book of Nightmares is a movie starring Kirsten Armstrong, William Bailey, and Amanda Benoit. Four Summer Camp Counsellors read scary stories from an Ancient Book of Evil.

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Ryan Byrne, Danial O'Brien
Hannah Craig, Ryan Byrne, Danial O'Brien
William Bailey, Aj Brisson, Amanda Benoit, Kirsten Armstrong
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Comments about horror «The Book of Nightmares» (19)

Stephanie Sanders avatar
Stephanie Sanders

Four Summer Camp Counsellors read scary stories from an Ancient Book of Evil.

Joshua C. avatar
Joshua C.

Enjoyed. Entertaining. Thank you. :-)

Willie Scott avatar
Willie Scott

Aj Brisson is one of those stars that consistently provides a good, entertaining movie.

Keith Rose avatar
Keith Rose

Story really very interesting. Full of surprise. the lead actor William Bailey very successful actor! In my opinion everyone should see this film

Jose S. avatar
Jose S.

It's worth watching.

Ralph avatar

Well-acted by a great cast. Entertaining. Pulled me into story and interested until the end.

Henry Brewer avatar
Henry Brewer

Well i was sceptical when I first watched the trailer, after a weird start and some focusing. I realized, whoa this is genius. Good actors, good scenes, good story!

Terry P. avatar
Terry P.

Ryan Byrne once again showed us that he is one of the most visionary directors in Hollywood! The story is good as well.

Michelle B. avatar
Michelle B.

This is a movie with a simple and straightforward plot which contains layers and layers of intelligent writing. This is a brilliant movie. Watch it.

Nicholas avatar

When you are using real actors and not "reheated" stars alongside silly semi-amateurs, plus a script that does not self plagiarize, any movie can only be good and very good!