Naughty 40

Naughty 40

Naughty 40 is a movie starring Fathimath Azeesha, Ali Azim, and Mariyam Azza. This is a story of three friends, Ashwanee, Ahsan and Ajwad who are in their 40s and are single. Ashwanee couldn't get married as his girlfriend ran away....

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Yoosuf Shafeeu
Ismail Shafeeq, Yoosuf Shafeeu
Ali Cezan, Ali Azim, Mariyam Azza, Fathimath Azeesha
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Comments about comedy «Naughty 40» (18)

Anthony Weber avatar
Anthony Weber

This is a story of three friends, Ashwanee, Ahsan and Ajwad who are in their 40s and are single. Ashwanee couldn't get married as his girlfriend ran away. Ajwad is divorced and looking after his son, Jawad. Ahsan lost his wife after giving birth to a boy. Nineteen years later, a stranger comes to meet Ashwanee regarding handing over a girl named Ashwa. It was the last wish of her mother, Ziyana. And when Ashwanee sees Ashwa, he is shocked as Ashwa exactly looks like her mother. Ajwad's son, Jawad calls him and asks him to come to the island where he runs his business. Ajwad decides to take along his two friends and their kids. After going to the island, Ajwad, Ahsan and Ashwanee decide to enjoy their 40s with younger girls from the island and have a good time. However, in the island, Ajwad's business competitor, Guli schemes to destroy his business with the help of Zahid, the chief police officer of the island and her younger sister Taniya. What ensues is a film full of comedy, drama, suspense, romance and action.

Frances avatar

If any people ask to me to recommend a very well made Comedy movie i surely recommend this one, and i really hope that could exist a sequel, i would love it.

Patrick R. avatar
Patrick R.

OMG this is crazy! Almost No Detail miss, Story-line is perfect. Its a brand new story. No copycat. And nice chemistry between Fathimath Azeesha and Ali Cezan

Rose Greene avatar
Rose Greene

Super performance by Ali Cezan! The sound track is amazing! A true winner- My personal rating 10/10. I cannot imagine anything which could have been done better.

Joyce King avatar
Joyce King

If you haven't seen this movie, go and rent it now. You will not be disappointed.

Patrick C. avatar
Patrick C.

It's amongst the finest films ever made! Two Big Thumbs Up!

Jason K. avatar
Jason K.

Love this movie! Anything with Ali Azim in it is worth watching twice.

Paul avatar

A beautifully written, acted, and crafted movie. Highly recommended!

Louis B. avatar
Louis B.

Great Directing from Yoosuf Shafeeu. The cinematography was stunning throughout the whole film.

Amber M. avatar
Amber M.

In this surprisingly good movie, Yoosuf Shafeeu raise interesting questions, but use a different angle this time around.

Adam Valdez avatar
Adam Valdez

I really enjoyed this movie. Fathimath Azeesha was good, Ali Cezan was great.