A Company Will Press Your Ashes into a Working Vinyl

A Company Will Press Your Ashes into a Working Vinyl

A UK company called AndVinyly is offers people the chance to press their ashes in a vinyl recording of their own voice, their favourite tunes or even on an album. Jason Leach came up with the idea. How does it work? Basically the ashes must be sprinkled onto the raw piece of vinyl (known as before it is pressed by the the side A and side B plates. When the plates exert their pressure on the vinyl the ashes are pressed into the record. Joe Talbet, of the UK punk band Idles, wrote and produced the album "Brutalism" whilst his mother was dying of kidney disease. He put a picture of her on the cover and called the album "Brutalism". She was cremated and he decided to press her ashes into 100 of the vinyl records produced.

Running Time
3 minutes
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Short, Documentary
Dara Safvatnia
Dara Safvatnia
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Anna avatar

Director Dara Safvatnia provokes killer performances! And this is awesome!!! go and see this film because you wont be disappointed.

William Barnes avatar
William Barnes

The actors do a good job. Nice story.

Kenneth E. avatar
Kenneth E.

Absolutely brilliant - I loved every minute. I can't afford to buy many DVD's but I bought this one without any hesitation!

Michelle Mitchell avatar
Michelle Mitchell

Loved this movie. It is one of the movies having seen it I will be purchasing. It made me laugh, made me cry. Made me happy to see the end. Check it out, I believe you will enjoy it.

Johnny Sims avatar
Johnny Sims

Enjoyed. Entertaining. Thank you. :-)

Anthony Johnson avatar
Anthony Johnson

The best movie I've seen in a long long time. Beautifully written and executed. Seriously. Amazing.

Martha Walsh avatar
Martha Walsh

Really cool Short with unforgettable characters. You should watch this, and you’ll be HOOKED

Pamela Bailey avatar
Pamela Bailey

I can honestly admit that it was better than I was originally expecting!

Karen Obrien avatar
Karen Obrien

Very good movie with great scenes. Would strongly recommend watching this

Matthew Parker avatar
Matthew Parker

Watched it several times and enjoyed it every time.