Moon River (Mah Rood)

Moon River (Mah Rood)
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Kourosh Parsi
Kourosh Parsi
Amir Darvish, Greg Mills, Ali Nakhai, Amy Gordon
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Comments about drama «Moon River (Mah Rood)» (18)

Stephanie M. avatar
Stephanie M.

I'm surprised I've not watched it sooner but hugely enjoyed every moment of this film. This film is up there in my top 10 films!

Alan avatar

This movie is a gem screenplay, direction, music, acting in every department it scores 10 on 10.

Joyce Black avatar
Joyce Black

This is a good movie I really enjoyed it worth my five stars

Grace Long avatar
Grace Long

Watched this in the theaters and just had to watch it again.

Ryan avatar

Great movie! Cinematography was excellent and scenes were superb.

Sandra avatar

What a great movie. The characters journey was perfect in every way. The mood and feel changes were riveting.

Evelyn Montgomery avatar
Evelyn Montgomery

This movie is amazing! Without a doubt 5 stars!

Marie avatar

I enjoyed it. I knew I can never go wrong with Amir Darvish

Henry Jensen avatar
Henry Jensen

I would recommend this movie to anyone who loves watching Drama, yes we are far from the reality, but when you are in there watching this, you become a part of the movie and it becomes the reality

Cheryl C. avatar
Cheryl C.

Great movie see it a while back and just loved it and had to have it on your player to own it

Bryan Johnston avatar
Bryan Johnston

Wow, wow, wow very impressive !!!! This is the movie I have been waiting for for a very long time.

Andrea Ortega avatar
Andrea Ortega

I love the scenery and the story. Perfect movie.