Red Pill Expo 2017

Red Pill Expo 2017

Red Pill Expo 2017 goes beyond revealing truth and actually confronts controversies. This expo takes a deep dive into the issues that matter most in our lives, separating truth from myth and reality from illusion. Most of us have "taken the red pill" at one time or another. That is, we have changed our views about something incredibly important in our lives. That could not have happened without access to truth that is considered controversial. That is why Red Pill Expo 2017 does not attempt to avoid controversy or censor any ideas advanced by speakers. Tolerance, however, must not be mistaken for acceptance. This program was recorded at The Commons in Bozeman, Montana, June 22-23, 2017.

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Ken Gullekson
G. Edward Griffin
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Comments about documentary «Red Pill Expo 2017» (17)

Rose George avatar
Rose George

One of the best Documentary movies I have seen in a while. It's way underrated!!! I can't believe I did not it sooner.

Carol H. avatar
Carol H.

If you're a G. Edward Griffin fan, which I am, I think you will appreciate this film.

Ruth avatar

If you love movies with a touch of suspense, this film is the one to see.

Nancy avatar

I couldn't see anything else until it was over, it was that kind of a movie. Great job to the actors & to the one who wrote that script!

Harry Roberts avatar
Harry Roberts

Encore!! It’s been a while where was able to watch a good Documentary flick. Tribute the director and producer and all the staff who made it happen.

Cynthia Carpenter avatar
Cynthia Carpenter

Absolutely outstanding true movie! Will watch it again and again!

Jordan avatar

Love the movie. Worth the time to watch.

Philip N. avatar
Philip N.

had no idea what to expect but i loved it.

Diana Dunn avatar
Diana Dunn

From beginning to end, this movie is amazing. I recommend it enough.