The Last Thanksgiving

The Last Thanksgiving
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Don Broydes, Shanna Brooks, Katy Ford, Katelynn Dubow
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Comments about comedy «The Last Thanksgiving» (16)

Daniel W. avatar
Daniel W.

The movie is littered with interesting themes which adds further depth to this already amazing story.

Mark avatar

Well done and very surprising! Highly recommend it!

Lori Garrett avatar
Lori Garrett

If you love Don Broydes, and your only wish was that that bad-ass could have been a good guy, then this is the movie for you!!!!!

Susan avatar

Interesting movie. Katy Ford is great as usual!

Lisa avatar

If you have not seen this film just take the time to watch it and just take in the amazing story and the incredible performances turned in by the cast!

Cynthia Richards avatar
Cynthia Richards

I really enjoyed it. Can't say that about many movies these days.

Lauren avatar

GO AND SEE IT!!! This is AMAZING!!! Shanna Brooks solidifies himself as a good, respectable movie star, but Katelynn Dubow CRUSHES his role, and steals every scene he's in.

Cheryl Snyder avatar
Cheryl Snyder

Great actors, good story, nice score. Made for a nice evening.

Sara H. avatar
Sara H.

You Never Seen anything like This Before. The cast are great. All scenes were so incredible. And The Music Was awesome. I really enjoyed this movie and recommend it.

Larry Castro avatar
Larry Castro

Great movie, great soundtrack! Shanna Brooks, and Katelynn Dubow are very talented actors, perfect for these parts.

Jessica Price avatar
Jessica Price

I loved this movie! It was refreshing!

Tiffany avatar

I personally loved the movie, I'm not a trekkie, far from to be honest, but this one was great!