Aitziber, Urdiaingo gaztedia

Aitziber, Urdiaingo gaztedia
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Arantza Flores, Maite Aldaz
Maite Aldaz, Arantza Flores
Asun Aldaz, Josetxo Aldaz, Koro Albiztur, Jaime Aguirre
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Comments about documentary «Aitziber, Urdiaingo gaztedia» (18)

Patricia D. avatar
Patricia D.

My husband and I love this movie just as much as our kid.

Matthew Schultz avatar
Matthew Schultz

Completely mad story, screen play, twists, thrilling moments. Love this movie all the way, a superb thought showed on screen is not easy. But the magic has been happened on the screen.

Wayne Ortiz avatar
Wayne Ortiz

Arantza Flores, you deserve a standing ovation. From an unbiased, stand-alone movie point of view, this film does an incredible job of being exciting from beginning to end

Jane Castro avatar
Jane Castro

I enjoy most of Maite Aldaz movies. I know his parents are proud!

Kyle Martin avatar
Kyle Martin

The movie (without question) deserve several Oscar nominations; for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, acting and more!

Sean Wong avatar
Sean Wong

Good story line, great directing and acting. Koro Albiztur is always great!

Angela Allen avatar
Angela Allen

What a brilliant film! Acting wise, Josetxo Aldaz puts in an excellent performance as the lead, and supporting actors such as Asun Aldaz, also put in solid performances.

Emily avatar

Great movie, well written by wonderful Arantza Flores, and great acting.

Joan avatar

Firstly, the cast. They are all excellent and experienced actors and actresses and they did their job on the level that it should be done ! Starting with Josetxo Aldaz. His acting ability is great and he made 100% effort to role. Certainly one of his best roles. Asun Aldaz, who is absolutely amazing and most likely one of the best actors in Hollywood! This beautiful movie is made for everyone!

Lisa S. avatar
Lisa S.

Arantza Flores is a director I've never paid close attention to before, but after watching this movie, my eyes are now open. I was quite impressed with how serious this man took on the challenge.