Paléo Festival Nyon

Paléo Festival Nyon
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Devin Dehaven
Fai Baba, The Inspector Cluzo, Alaclair Ensemble, Rio Fredrika Debolla
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日本語, Čeština, Tiếng Việt, Português, 한국어, Australia, Filipino, हिन्दी

Comments about music «Paléo Festival Nyon» (16)

Heather R. avatar
Heather R.

Excellent movie ! Rio Fredrika Debolla is brilliant as the main character. Each aspect of his acting does not feel forced.

Brenda Simmons avatar
Brenda Simmons

to me it's one of many great movies Rio Fredrika Debolla has made

Lori H. avatar
Lori H.

Great movie! Cinematography was excellent and scenes were superb.

Frances Hernandez avatar
Frances Hernandez

Not sure what everyone is talking about, I enjoyed the movie a lot.

Ethan Campbell avatar
Ethan Campbell

I enjoyed this. You might too!

Jack avatar

I loved this movie and I really would love to see a sequel or a show based on this new storyline. The casting for the characters is great and all of the characters portray their characters really well. Alaclair Ensemble and Rio Fredrika Debolla give memorable performances

Helen avatar

It was perfect. Plain and simple.

Anna avatar

OH MY GOD. I loved this movie. I've never liked the show, but I LOVE this movie. The actors (mainly Alaclair Ensemble and Rio Fredrika Debolla) are attractive, but they are also good actors, good for the roles they play. The plot is good, and it's interesting. it's amazing!

Jacqueline avatar

The movie was great!

Diane Lee avatar
Diane Lee

You Never Seen anything like This Before. The cast are great. All scenes were so incredible. And The Music Was awesome. I really enjoyed this movie and recommend it.