Doub 6

Doub 6

Doub 6 is a movie starring Rudy Ambroise, Dominique Augustin, and Shirley Auxais. Benny is a man who is dying of cancer and had managed to keep it a secret from his long time friends, all of whom he loves dearly. He finds it unfair...

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Perry Cassagnol, Kreyol Wa
Kreyol Wa
Rudy Ambroise, Sony Baptiste, Dominique Augustin, Shirley Auxais
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Diane Beck avatar
Diane Beck

Benny is a man who is dying of cancer and had managed to keep it a secret from his long time friends, all of whom he loves dearly. He finds it unfair to inflict such burden on them, so he carried the enigma alone. On the very day that he finds out he has but a week to live, he goes on to partake that same night to their weekly game of dominoes as it were for the last fifteen years. Soon, what seems to be a joyful night of the men sipping Rum (viz. Rum Barbancourt), and gossips, turns into a nightmare. Once Benny finds out that those same friends he's been loyal to and, whom he's brought together from NY and Canada and had forged a tight and personal relationships with over twenty years, had secretly started a rumor that he has AIDS and began to treat him as if he's somewhat contagious, Benny then decides to flip the script. At first, Benny just wanted to say goodbye in his on way by playing one last game of dominoes with his buddies (as it is customary for Haitians), but instead, Benny chooses to reveal the skeletons which have been buried within the bricks upon which the friendships were built and "Bring The House Down". In the end, all that lies in the dark shall come to light.

Jacob P. avatar
Jacob P.

Really great movie!

Henry H. avatar
Henry H.

Love the movie. Worth the time to watch.

Judy Ryan avatar
Judy Ryan

If you are movie fans you'll love the film! Totally worth the experience!

Paul W. avatar
Paul W.

I absolutely love this movie! When you get the urge, watch this movie instead, it will be worth it!

Tiffany O. avatar
Tiffany O.

I watched it twice over the weekend.

Janet Long avatar
Janet Long

Well i was sceptical when I first watched the trailer, after a weird start and some focusing. I realized, whoa this is genius. Good actors, good scenes, good story!

Michelle H. avatar
Michelle H.

The film features absolutely stunning cinematography, a great cast and a very good story.

Frank Anderson avatar
Frank Anderson

I really enjoyed it. Can't say that about many movies these days.

Melissa avatar

Best one for many many many years !!!! TRUE DIAMOND !!!

Jeremy Morrison avatar
Jeremy Morrison

This was just what I needed to finish out the day. Funny, scary, and somehow a feel-good movie. Take the time to watch this, especially if you have had a bad day.