Deep Shit

Deep Shit

Deep Shit is a movie starring Anastasia Ashiagbor, Connor Boyd, and Mick Brennan. A Bag, Three Friends, Three Gangs over Three Days with 3 Million Pounds at Stake! The central character 'Zila' (Uche Odoputa) travels to Scotland from...

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Olumide Fadeyibi
Olumide Fadeyibi
Mick Brennan, Anastasia Ashiagbor, Connor Boyd, Rony Bridges
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Brenda avatar

A Bag, Three Friends, Three Gangs over Three Days with 3 Million Pounds at Stake! The central character 'Zila' (Uche Odoputa) travels to Scotland from Congo to visit his long term girlfriend 'Tandi' (Brun Njua) a hardworking, go-getter and 'Sodi' (Sodi Ojewuyi) Zila's intelligent, strategic-thinking childhood friend. Upon Arrival at Glasgow airport, Zila, distracted with the excitement of arriving in Scotland for the first time, picks up the wrong bag from the conveyor belt. On discovering his mistake, Zila wanted to return the bag to the airport. Tandi and Sodi suggested otherwise, convincing him to hold onto the bag and its contents. The bag is full of valuable contraband and the owner wants his bag back at all cost which lead to a vigorous chase in and around the Scottish city of Glasgow.

Julia Reyes avatar
Julia Reyes

Definitely would have picked this to win.

Christine Hunt avatar
Christine Hunt

Was actually pretty damn good. The film was good.

Madison Fox avatar
Madison Fox

Anastasia Ashiagbor is excellent in the role, it is his best role in years! I like this movie so much and I would not even think to put a spoiler in my review but encourage everyone to see this on the big screen!!!!

Doris J. avatar
Doris J.

This one movie that I would buy to keep in my collection. Enjoy.. It's a great movie

David Berry avatar
David Berry

Fab-u-lous!!! Switch is an amazing heist film, and probably one of the best ever made. Go see this film! It's fun!

Brian Kim avatar
Brian Kim

This was a great movie. The storyline was believable and the directing and cast are excellent.

Frank avatar

This is an amazing movie, with believable characters, adventure, and wonderful scenery.

Jose avatar

Pretty much everyone who is in this film is ten times better than they've ever been! Switch is artistic, beautiful... Perfect colors, perfect everything... gotta love it!

Judith Hart avatar
Judith Hart

A very good movie it was very entertaining

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Judy Watson

What an awesome movie! Anastasia Ashiagbor did such a good job