Ray Spooner, a mild mannered, complicated man from England, leads a normal life in Urbana, Illinois. He is a nurse that delivers babies, has a wife and three kids, and rides hundreds of miles a week on his bike; often competing in competitions and raising money for charity. At the age of 55, after bringing 2,095 babies into the world, he is forced to quit upon being diagnosed with ALS. This is a disease that slowly deteriorates the body until all basic functions are taken away and death occurs. It takes Ray no time to figure out what he will do before his end date. One item on his bucket list: a 3,000 mile journey across The United States. The film proceeds to chronicle Ray's journey across America as his body deteriorates, paralleling with an intimate portrait of him, from his wife's perspective.

Running Time
27 minutes
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Biography, Drama, Documentary, Adventure
Ethan Grinberg
Audio Languages
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, Svenska, Gaeilge, Nederlands
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Comments about biography «R.S.» (19)

Christopher avatar

It's been a long time since I've seen a Drama film that so wonderfully blends together such a high level of emotional depth.

Jessica B. avatar
Jessica B.

This is the first movie I really enjoyed it. The story is pretty standard Biography. Fine by me. It looks fabulous, some nice toys to enjoy. If you want some fun, nothing too deep, that looks good!

Tiffany Garcia avatar
Tiffany Garcia

Impressive! It really achieved higher than any other Documentary movie before and it goes down as a masterpiece. Perhaps the best that cinema has ever been.

Judy M. avatar
Judy M.

A movie of the highest order! Directed by Ethan Grinberg has outdone himself. This is seriously his best film to date.

Kathleen avatar

One of the most brilliant movies I have ever seen.

Tammy Bates avatar
Tammy Bates

Still entranced one week after viewing. This is one the greatest films ever made.

Andrea M. avatar
Andrea M.

Great movie kept me on the edge of my chair

Albert P. avatar
Albert P.

Great movie. Great actors.

Beverly Salazar avatar
Beverly Salazar

Ethan Grinberg really surprised me! Not only did he assemble a surprisingly talented cast, but he was able to make you really connect with the situation.

Beverly Mitchell avatar
Beverly Mitchell

How movies are supposed to end!!

Ronald avatar

Great movie, loved it, good actors. good overall Can't wait for the next one