Meeting Aleksandra

Meeting Aleksandra

When I was ten years old, a girl who lived in my neighbourhood named Aleksandra was murdered. Two adults were arrested after her mutilated body was found in the assailant's backyard. Looking back almost ten years later in this documentary short, I talk with one of her close friends to learn about what she was like before her life was taken, and the traumatic effects of life afterwards.

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Short, Documentary
Evan Gareth Hoffman
Evan Gareth Hoffman
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Comments about short «Meeting Aleksandra» (15)

Paul avatar

I loved every bit of this movie. I would 100% watch again.

Austin avatar

This movie was absolutely great in my opinion; it might even be my favorite movie at this moment.

Jerry B. avatar
Jerry B.

This is the best Documentary movie I have seen in decades. I was blown away of the plot and brilliant sound score. An amazing movie experience.

Peter H. avatar
Peter H.

Best film of the year. Best film of the decade. Hats off to the Evan Gareth Hoffman. Well done. Well done indeed.

Lawrence Hayes avatar
Lawrence Hayes

Freaking awesome… is the adjective which I choose to type the first word of this review. As I left the theater I was not only spellbound, but I was also sulking about the fact that the movie had ended.

Angela R. avatar
Angela R.

Fantastic movie, my wife and I loved it.

Karen Fox avatar
Karen Fox

This movie is amazing! Without a doubt 5 stars!

Joshua Perkins avatar
Joshua Perkins

i loved this movie. i saw previews for it months ago and totally forgot about it. im so happy it showed up tonight

Madison K. avatar
Madison K.

Waaaaaayyyyy better than I thought it would be based on the previews.