Skapandet av Shadowgames

Skapandet av Shadowgames

Skapandet av Shadowgames is a movie starring Tjarls Metzmaa, Joakim Fredriksson, and Johan Fredriksson. This documentary follows the creators of a warhammer tournament called "Shadowgames" from the perspective of the creators...

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Tjarls Metzmaa
Tjarls Metzmaa
Johan Fredriksson, Nils Svednell, Tjarls Metzmaa, Joakim Fredriksson
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Comments about documentary «Skapandet av Shadowgames» (14)

Sarah avatar

This documentary follows the creators of a warhammer tournament called "Shadowgames" from the perspective of the creators themselves on their journey to a spectacular way of celebrating their 20th year as a gaming club.

Margaret Bradley avatar
Margaret Bradley

Husband really enjoyed this. Great movie night.

Margaret C. avatar
Margaret C.

With a great story, characters and direction, Tjarls Metzmaa made a masterpiece.

Samuel avatar

Simply amazing! Great film.

Grace L. avatar
Grace L.

My husband and I love this movie just as much as our kid.

Aaron Harris avatar
Aaron Harris

Very good movie with great scenes. Would strongly recommend watching this

George S. avatar
George S.

Arguably this should not be a difficult film to review. It is nothing less than brilliant. The story, the direction, the musical score, the casting, the acting, the dialog. Brilliant!!! Just brilliant!

Keith F. avatar
Keith F.

Superb acting, excellent story-line, great flow. I highly recommend!

Joe avatar

This is quite simply the best movies ever made. I'm sure director Tjarls Metzmaa planned it that way.

Jordan W. avatar
Jordan W.

Expected good, got Great! I thoroughly enjoyed this film The cast overall is perfectly assembled, especially the Nils Svednell

Judy Lawrence avatar
Judy Lawrence

How could they manage to do this? WOW! Most enjoyable movie for me. Every moment with Nils Svednell on screen is awesome.

Patrick J. avatar
Patrick J.

I Love it! It is perfect and Just what I was looking for!