Baía Urbana

Urban Bay is a documentary about one of the natural wonders of the world seen from a completely novel angle: the bottom of Guanabara Bay waters in Rio de Janeiro. Focusing on characters who live in this environment and know their species and their problems. The Guanabara Bay and the Ocean are continuously suffering from different stressors, the population of several species has diminished, but still maintain great diversity of species, which means that there are hopes for the recovery of the environmental quality of Guanabara Bay and the Ocean as a whole, nevertheless the opportunity window to take effective actions is getting closer and closer. To clean up is nothing more than to stop polluting, so the documentary raises several potentials of the region if the environmental quality of the estuary is recovered, social, economic, environmental and cultural potentials, such as the improvement and gains of spaces of welfare and leisure of the population, potential of tourism, food, biotechnology, among others. The Guanabara Bay situation is a reflection of what humanity is causing in the ocean, but because it is an estuary, its problems are more visible than oceanic issues such as the warming and acidification processes due to atmospheric pollution. The time has come to put the Ocean on the agenda of Global political-economic actions, as their transformation and degradation can have effects as or more severe than climate change itself. The Bay of Guanabara is a microcosm of the Ocean.

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Ricardo Gomes
Ricardo Gomes, Ariel Kozlowski, Alice Gomes, Daniel Garcia
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Comments about documentary «Baía Urbana» (19)

Richard avatar

I can say, that it was the best movie I have ever seen. Once the movie began I didn't want the end.

Beverly R. avatar
Beverly R.

I loved every bit of this movie. I would 100% watch again.

Christopher R. avatar
Christopher R.

one of the best movies ive ever watched .

Marie Ross avatar
Marie Ross

Don't take it too seriously and you'll have a blast!

Cheryl F. avatar
Cheryl F.

This awesome movie is the crowning film in Ricardo Gomes career. A must see for real MOVIE fans.

Brian avatar

I have seen this one twice. Well worth watching.

Rebecca Gomez avatar
Rebecca Gomez

This is one of my favorite movies ever! Best plot - it brings a whole new level of greatness

Janet A. avatar
Janet A.

If you're a fan of Documentary movies, then this is your dream come true. This is the type of film you fantasized about growing up!

Ryan avatar

This movie is wonderful. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Hannah Freeman avatar
Hannah Freeman

Not sure what everyone is talking about, I enjoyed the movie a lot.

Ruth Dean avatar
Ruth Dean

I like Documentary films and this one is pretty good

Teresa B. avatar
Teresa B.

Great movie see it a while back and just loved it and had to have it on your player to own it