Without Fault or Fear

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Jim Kasoj
Maria Kelsin
Vivienne Taylor
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Comments about crime «Without Fault or Fear» (22)

Olivia avatar

Jim Kasoj at his best! I would certainly recommend this film to anyone and it boasts an excellent soundtrack. Go see the film and go buy the soundtrack. They are too good to be missed.

Ashley Wilson avatar
Ashley Wilson

I left to the theater opening day to see this movie with high expectations and believe it or not, it exceeded them.

Michael avatar

A terrific movie from the great and handsome Vivienne Taylor! I am not surprised if this terrific movie wins too many Oscars. See it and enjoy the enchantment in this masterpiece film.

Eric Herrera avatar
Eric Herrera

Great crime film. No complaints...

Jonathan Weber avatar
Jonathan Weber

The casting was done perfectly. I don't think I've ever watched a movie as visually stunning as this one.

Peter H. avatar
Peter H.

this should be required viewing to all 7th graders.

Zachary Silva avatar
Zachary Silva

Certainly one of the finest movies I have seen for quite some time. Exquisite direction and flawless acting make this a very entertaining and often moving film.

Randy J. avatar
Randy J.

U just can't simply predict whats up next. Believe me, U can't! This movie delivers much more than i expected and i expected a lot.

Lauren M. avatar
Lauren M.

Excellent film! I feel Jim Kasoj can't make a bad movie.

Pamela W. avatar
Pamela W.

This is an underappreciated movie.