vitthala shappath

vitthala shappath

vitthala shappath is a movie starring Rajesh Bhosale, Mangesh Desai, and Krutika Gaikwad. Vitthala Shappath is a 2017 film about the love story of a young boy named 'Krishna' who is from a middle class family living in a rural area....

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Pawar Chandrakant
Pawar Chandrakant
Vidyadhar Joshi, Krutika Gaikwad, Mangesh Desai, Rajesh Bhosale
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Vitthala Shappath is a 2017 film about the love story of a young boy named 'Krishna' who is from a middle class family living in a rural area. Vitthala Shappath is a promise and commitment. The film is releasing on 15 September 2017. Krishna is a son of his parents but he forgets the main object of life. He enjoys his own way by disobeying the guidelines of his parents who are devotee of Lord Vitthala. Krishna goes on wrong path and result of which he faces a drastic problem and after realizing his mistakes, he overcomes from his bad nature. He started to full fill motive of his father and Naina help him in his work. During the period Krishna and Naina fall in love of each other. At one instance situation came before him is that he has to choose any one out of two things, one is motive of his father and second is Naina's love. What he will choose? Vijay is the hero ?

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Very enjoyable movie to watch. I would watch it again.

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Just a joy from start to finish. Smart, sweet, engaging.

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Justin H.

This movie really exceeded my expectations. Pawar Chandrakant is very talented.

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Jonathan W.

Rajesh Bhosale is stellar in her performance, and brings a lot of punch to the execution. Ending was surprising in a good way. Good reviews here are definitely justified.

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Well done and very surprising! Highly recommend it!

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Joe Moreno

Nowadays there are a lot of Romance movies, but this film is one of the best.

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Randy A.

Wow! I was so hyped for this movie, I was sure it couldn't live up to it. But damn it was awesome to be blown away like that.

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Howard F.

great performance by all, I truly enjoyed this Romance movie

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It is not an "entertaining" movie. It is a creation of a Masterpiece.