Extreme Wrestling Federation

Extreme Wrestling Federation

Extreme Wrestling Federation is a movie starring Aaron Baker, Kc Burke, and Brandon Darner. Independent Wrestling Company.

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Action, Sport
Marky Draving, Kc Burke, Aaron Baker, Brandon Darner
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Comments about action «Extreme Wrestling Federation» (19)

Samuel M. avatar
Samuel M.

Independent Wrestling Company.

James avatar

WOW are the only words to describe the movie! I'm honestly amazed. I expected a lot, and got SOOOOOO much more..

Karen avatar

This movie Rocks!!!! An ambush of engaging sequences that leaves you satisfied

William Roberts avatar
William Roberts

WOW. This film was a breath of fresh air! Kc Burke and Marky Draving did awesome job! Kc Burke was excellent at playing and does it flawlessly. The body language, facial expressions, etc., he does it perfectly! Marky Draving was very good at playing his role; bringing charisma, a little humor, and a good amount of authority and responsibility.

Janet Jackson avatar
Janet Jackson

Nice. Expect very much from the cast and director. And all expectations fulfilled.

Christine P. avatar
Christine P.

I was entertained. This movie is simply a well structured, interesting and remarkably smart movie.

Howard R. avatar
Howard R.

It was a great movie.really jaw dropping.

Cynthia avatar

Saw the movie.. again and again. Besides the fact that the script is great, the actors are at their best.

Brandon R. avatar
Brandon R.

This movie made me feel a range of emotions. It's been years since a movie made me these many ways.

Jacqueline Reed avatar
Jacqueline Reed

I had no idea how amazed and touched I would be by seeing this movie. The acting, the cinematography, the settings and the plot are just mind blowing.

Nicholas H. avatar
Nicholas H.

What a movie. The price is worth paying. This movie gets straight to the point.

Barbara Bradley avatar
Barbara Bradley

What a brilliant film! Acting wise, Kc Burke puts in an excellent performance as the lead, and supporting actors such as Marky Draving, also put in solid performances.