Nyendo za Mateso ya Kidini Nchini China

Nyendo za Mateso ya Kidini Nchini China

Nyendo za Mateso ya Kidini Nchini China is a movie starring Lu Chen, Ai Chen, and Dong Chen. Since it came to power in Mainland China in 1949, the Chinese Communist Party has been unceasing in its persecution of religious faith. It...

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Shi Cheng, Zheng Zhou, Cag Kanisa la Mwenyezi Mungu, Jason Jia
Cag Togs Hvchit Burhani Chuulgan, Siyuan Lin
Lu Chen, Dong Chen, Ai Chen, Wen Chen
South Korea
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Gregory W.

Since it came to power in Mainland China in 1949, the Chinese Communist Party has been unceasing in its persecution of religious faith. It has frantically arrested and murdered Christians, expelled and abused missionaries operating in China, confiscated and burned countless copies of the Bible, sealed up and demolished church buildings, and vainly attempted to eradicate all house churches. Recent years have also seen the CCP government's wide-scale introduction of policies aimed at the "Sinification" of Christianity. Thousands of church crosses have been demolished, many church buildings have been knocked down, and a great number of Christians in house churches have been arrested and persecuted. Christian churches in China suffer cruel and bloody persecution - This documentary faithfully and objectively reproduces the real experiences of persecution suffered by Chinese Christians at the hands of the CCP government. The Christians persecuted in the film are people from different sects and denominations who searched for the truth, and who heard the voice of God and thus returned to Almighty God. They walked the right path of life, yet were frantically arrested by the CCP government. Some of them were imprisoned, some tortured in any way, some living a fugitive life separated from their husband or wife and their children, and some even maimed or killed from mistreatment. This exquisitely-shot documentary attempts to recreate what really happened at the time, and provides a profound reflection of the flagrant encroachment of the religious beliefs and human rights of Chinese Christians. It is a window to understanding the true lives of Chinese Christians and Christian families, as well as a reflection-rarely seen in recent years-of the experiences and emotions of Chinese Christians who have been persecuted as a result of their faith.

Billy White avatar
Billy White

Great movie, great soundtrack! Ai Chen, and Lu Chen are very talented actors, perfect for these parts.

Ralph C. avatar
Ralph C.

10 out of 10, an incredible movie! Honestly, incredible film, do yourself a favour and see it as soon as it comes out.

Jose avatar

I went to see this film last night and was immersed in it from the very first minutes

Bryan Murray avatar
Bryan Murray

I don't know how many times I watch this one. I don't get tired of watching it. This is a great movie.

Bruce Payne avatar
Bruce Payne

Acting and directing were very good.

Daniel P. avatar
Daniel P.

There are so many things I'd like to say about this film - I could write a dissertation!

Edward avatar

Super performance by Lu Chen! The sound track is amazing! A true winner- My personal rating 10/10. I cannot imagine anything which could have been done better.

Teresa avatar

This was one of those rare movies that kept my attention. The scenes where amazing, acting was spot on. Dong Chen was the best thing about this film! I'd get it 11 stars if I could.

Linda avatar

Perfect film for a movie night. It's intense, has plenty of action and great story. Ai Chen was good but Lu Chen was most impressive. Great performance from both. Very confident.

Justin avatar

Don't take it too seriously and you'll have a blast!